Bumble bee on fennel flowers in the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance garden

Bring Nature Home: Part 10


Help us celebrate Biodiversity Day with a love letter to your favorite bird, tree, mushroom, or insect on May 22nd.  Either get outside (safely) and visit that favorite tree or patch of flowers in your neighborhood or go searching online for something you have always loved or wanted to learn more about. Let us know why you love it so much in a simple post with the hashtag #BiodiversityDay.  Don’t forget to tag us @vcpalliance on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so that we will see it.

Make it fun for your kids by practicing ways to describe what you see while they draw what you’re describing. Then let them take a turn describing their favorite animal and plant while you draw it. The pictures will be hilarious I promise so don’t forget to include them in your post.

Turn it into a guessing game, give clues and guess what each other’s favorite animal or plant is. Maybe even make it a charades game and act it out. Have fun. Your kids will be learning a lot about the organisms you’re talking about and they won’t even realize it. 

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