Gatherings of 20 people or more require a permit to use space in the park.

Games require a Sports Permit, while parties, picnics and events require a Special Events Permit.
Specialized uses of the park such as film shoots also require a permit.

See below for information on how to apply for each.
Please note: sound permits are not issued for amplification of music.

For questions about permits:
Phone: 718-430-1848
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am – 4p

You will need to apply for a special events permit if you are planning to host an event in the park where you expect to have a group of 20 or more people. These permits serve as proof that you have permission from the Parks Department to have a group larger than 20 people in any specific area in the park.

Please note: You must apply for a special event permit AT LEAST 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR EVENT. There is a $25.00 processing fee for a special events permit, which can be paid by credit card if you submit your permit online, or by check or money order if you mail your application to us. If you are mailing an application, the address to mail is: 1 Bronx River Parkway, Bronx, NY 10462. We do not give out sound permits to the general public.

Complete the Parks Department’s Special Events Application

If you are a sports league and would like to use one of the athletic fields in Van Cortlandt Park, you need to apply for an athletic field permit.

Please remember to adhere to the Guidelines for Use of Fields and Court Space. Apply for an Athletic Field permit through the Parks Department’s website.

Van Cortlandt Park makes an intriguing backdrop for film shoots, both cinematic and still photography. To find out if Van Cortlandt Park is the best location for you, complete the Parks Department Film Shoot Request Form, providing a detailed narrative of the action or scenes you wish to shoot. Also list the number of people on set; number of talent; number and types of cameras, tripods, and generators; number and types of vehicles; the specific location you wish and why; and the times and days you wish to shoot.

General restrictions include:

Weekdays only and not in woodlands protected by the Forever Wild Preserve. No digging, no pyrotechnics, no generators under trees. All vehicles and equipment must remain on asphalt at all times.

Once logistics are set, the Mayor’s Office of Film is notified and sent approval to generate a permit.

There are two places we allow barbecuing and large picnics. Barbecues are considered special events in the permitting process. Special Events permits are required for any groups of twenty people or more in these locations:

Shandler Recreation Area off Jerome Avenue and VCP Pool Area at Broadway & Manhattan College Parkway

The park is available for wedding ceremonies only—no receptions. Other restrictions are as follows: no amplification for any purpose; one hour maximum reservations for the ceremony. (Separate arrangements may be made for photography.) Tossing rice, birdseed, flowers, confetti or the like is not permitted. No physical set up such as decorations, floral display, tents, rugs or runners are allowed. No chairs, except with prior approval for a specified number of elderly or infirm guests. Maximum number of participants: 100

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