Bring Nature Home: Part 9


Be an earth superhero this week and take simple steps to do your part to improve your local environment.

There are many things even the youngest around us can do to take steps to live more sustainably. Maybe you have seen garbage on the street and want to help clean it up, or make signs reminding people not to litter. Maybe you can make sure to turn off the water while your brushing your teeth or take shorter showers or wash dishes faster to conserve water. You can plant a garden, or even a few seeds in a pot on your window.

Many people recycle or choose to repurpose and reuse things they were going to throw out. You can also choose to use less in the first place opting for reusable shopping bags, water bottles or food containers instead of single use plastic.

This week, we encourage you to look around and pick one or two simple steps you can take to be an Earth Superhero. Decide on steps as a family and print out this pledge form and Earth Superhero ID card and start saving the Earth. Reuse old sheets or shirts into this cape, and don’t forget that no superhero is complete without a mask, either cut out one like pictured or use this mask template to reuse cardboard coffee cup holders.

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