Macroinvertebrates Sampling

25 Species That Call Tibbetts Brook Home


Today is World Wetlands Day and to celebrate we wanted to share with you a list of 25 species you probably didn’t know call Tibbetts Brook home.  Wildlife of many sizes call Tibbetts Brook home from the large carp that can be seen cresting the waters surface during the late summer, to the small protozoa that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is important for an urban area to contain this species richness for genetic diversity and importance to human and nature interactions. The Friends are thankful for the wetlands that assist in protecting this precious Bronx water body and look to continue to improve wetland habitat related to the Brook in the future.  Each month this year, the Friends will share another list of 25 as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

1PsidiumFinger nail clamMollusk
2Cipangopaldulia chinensisChinses mystery snailMollusk
3Viviparus georgianusBanded mystery snailMollusk
4PhysellaBladder SnailsMollusk
5EnellagmaBluet DamselflyDamselfly
7Ladona juliaChalk fronted corporalDragonfly
8EpicorduliaBasket tailsDragonfly
9GomphaeschnaPygmy DarnersDragonfly
10DorocorduliaLittle emeraldsDragonfly
12ErythemisPond HawksDragonfly
13NotonectaBack SwimmersTrue Bug
14HydrometraWater ScorpionTrue Bug
15CaenisBurrowing mayflyMayfly
16CybisterPredaceous diving beetleBeetle
18CaecidoteaAquatic Sow BugsCrustacean
19Orconectus limosusSpiny cheeked cray fishCrustacean
20Chrysemys pictaPainted turtleReptile
21Chelydra serpentinaSnapping turtleReptile
22Lithobates catesbianaBull FrogAmphibian
23Lophodytes cucullatusHooded merganserWater Fowl
24Lepomis gibbosusPumpkin seedSun Fish
25Ondatra zibethicusMuskratRodent
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