Swan craft picture

Bring Nature Home: Part 12


Have you ever noticed the birds flying overhead or hopping along the ground? I mean really stopped to observe what they were doing and how different they all were? The great thing about birds is that they are everywhere, so many are easy to find, and your children are a lot more familiar with them than you realize which makes this activity accessible for them.

This week as we bring nature home we focus on birds. The activity, which you can download and print here, aims to make the idea of animal adaptations easy to understand and accessible to even the youngest of children. In fact the pictures are from a pre-school who has done this activity for many years with their campers. Introduce your child to new vocabulary and have fun doing it. Age it up by adding some research about their favorite bird and find out how it has adapted to live where it does?

The end result is a flock of birds like none other!

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