A group of people are putting blue liquid into jars.

Bring Nature Home: ART of Hiking #6


You have the opportunity to be part of our Urban Junior Naturalists program from your own home. Today’s blogpost by Paulina Mohamed-Ocasio, Director of Youth Internships, brings the activities directly to you.

Today was the last day of the 6-week ART of Hiking program. For the past few weeks Urban Junior Naturalists blended nature and art to create beautiful and environmentally-themed projects, like Habitats! and leaf/bark rubbings. For more details on these DIY projects check out our previous blogposts.

Glitter jars are a fun way to put your favorite items from nature in one place and then add a little pizazz to it! In this special Halloween-themed program Urban Junior Naturalists create jars filled with rubber creepy crawly insects.

Try it at Home?

Shake it up! Grab yourself a jar with a lid, some of your favorite items from nature, food coloring and, of course, glitter. 

Jar with a lid. (repurpose a jam/jelly jar, candle jar, water bottle)
Item to add inside your jar
Food coloring

What to do?

Add your items and glitter to your jar, then fill your jar to the top. Pick your favorite color of food coloring and add a drop or two, cover tight. Shake and enjoy! 

TIP: adding silver and white glitter to your jar will create a sparkly effect!

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