Painted lady butterfly on echinecea flower.

Bring Nature Home: Part 15


For our last week of Bring Nature Home we want to celebrate pollinators! Often small and overlooked, these insects, birds, and other animals are responsible for keeping nature as lush and diverse as it is. Without them many plants wouldn’t exist and at least a third of the food you eat would not be here either.

So to celebrate National Pollinators Week we want you to go look at some flowers and see what lands on them. You would be surprised by the diversity of the insects and beetles you will see. Download and print this Game to learn about an insects life cycle. For younger children the first page is a simple game and for older children the rest of the pages go into more detail about what metamorphosis is.

Remember to thank a pollinator the next time you admire a tree, a flower, or take a bite of something yummy because chances are they had something to do with keeping that plant alive and reproducing.

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