Honey bee visiting a flower from an eggplant at Van Cortlandt Park Alliance Garden and Compost Site.

Bring Nature Home: Part 7


Let’s take some time to sit and smell the flowers. And while we are there we can observe what else might like them. Bees, flies, butterflies and even birds are attracted to flowers for their nectar and in the process of eating that nectar move pollen from flower to flower. This pollination work is vital for ecosystems and produces most of the food we eat.

This week print out the “My Pollinator Journal” document. Once printed fold in half to form a booklet. Multiple copies of the second page can be printed to accommodate more observations. If you can go outside to observe some flowers while keeping socially distant please do so. If not check out videos online including our Wild Wednesday Video of Honey Bees on our cherry tree.

Remember to be as detailed as possible in your field journal. Note sizes, label things, or write observations that will help you remember what you saw. If you are in Van Cortlandt Park consider snapping a picture of what you see and uploading it on iNaturalist to help us keep an inventory of the biodiversity within the park.

For added activities and information check out this coloring page from The Great Sunflower Project.

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