A valentine's day card with the words happy valentine's day.

We Love VCP!


The staff at Van Cortlandt Park Alliance loves working in Van Cortlandt Park.  As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you some of the many reasons we love Van Cortlandt Park.  We hope you will share with us what you love about our favorite park.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

“I love being able to discover new things in a very popular place.” – Alex

“I love the trails of Van Cortlandt Park and that there are many places that I can go for a hike and forget that I am still in NYC.” – Christina

“I love Van Cortlandt Park benches where I can sit, snack, relax, rest my eyes and listen to the sounds around.” -Erica

“I love listening to music under the stars during the New York Philharmonic annual concert in Van Cortlandt Park.” – Janice

“I love Tibbetts Brook. Working along a water body filled with life and wonders here in the Bronx brings insurmountable joy.” – John

“I love the park because it is a welcoming and beautiful natural area that is free and open to all.” – Julie

“I love that I can walk down the hill from where I live and find Van Cortlandt Park alive with people running, playing, and just enjoying themselves in a wide open green space.” – Leslie

“I love VCP for its diversity. Not only for its variety in plants, wildlife and habitats but its people as well. So many people visit the park for so many reasons and that’s special!” – Paulina

“I love that I grew up with Van Cortlandt Park as my backyard and that I’m able to share the forest, lake, and playgrounds I grew up with my children.” – Sara

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