Tibbetts Brook Water Quality Monitoring

Urban park wetlands, lakes, streams and ponds are hosts to a number of ecological stressors leading to increased deposition of nutrients, road salt, sediment and invasive species (Dudgeon et. al. 2006). Tibbetts Brook is one of the last above ground streams left in NYC due to development. Since December of 2015 the Friends in association with Manhattan College’s Civil & Environmental Engineering Department have been monitoring the health of Tibbetts Brook and the associated Van Cortlandt Lake in order to better understand human impacts on the aquatic system.

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The Friends published a report on the water quality of Tibbetts Brook through our first year of monitoring. Please take a look at our data here: 2016 Tibbetts Brook Water Quality Report

If you are interested in joining our Water Monitoring team, contact John Butler, Ecological Project Manager, at john@vancortlandt.org for future dates.

Suggested Readings

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