Summer Tibbetts Brook Restoration Crew Internship

Started in 1992, the Friends’ flagship Summer Teen Program is an example of what young people can do if they are given a chance. Over the past 26 years, the Summer Teen Program has brought over 600 teenagers into the Park for internships. The teens have helped preserve and protect the Park by doing a variety of tasks including trail building, brochure design, native species planting, and lake monitoring. In the process, they have grown to become better park stewards.

During the six-week summer internship in 2019, the Restoration Crew will remove non-native Water Chestnut from the waters of Van Cortlandt Lake to improve its health. The Crew will also assist in floodplain forest enhancement, improving the native habitat of the forests that border Tibbetts Brook, thus improving the brooks health. The internship is physically demanding and requires interns to work out on the water for six hours a day. Training in freshwater ecology, lake management, tool use and data collection will be provided to all interns.


Garden 2 Market Internship

When we understand where our food comes from, and where it goes, we can make better decisions about what we buy and eat! This internship is for anyone interested in our food system and covers topics from growing to selling and eating. During the summer interns spend time in our garden learning about growing vegetables, composting and the social and community aspects of a garden, and time exploring food justice issues and learning about the business of running a farm stand. They learn everything from ordering and pricing to stocking the table and completing a sale. They gain communication skills and become advocates for healthy eating in their community. The internship includes many chances to taste and cook new foods and recipes- because no internship about food is complete without eating!