Garden and Compost

Each year the Friends’ Garden & Compost Site is home to dozens of vegetables, herbs and flowers, hundreds of school children exploring the compost bins and vegetables beds, and all the volunteers and interns who come out and make it all possible.

Our 2,700 square foot garden is home to a pollinator garden, 7 compost bins and over 700 square feet of vegetable beds. Each year volunteer days to prep the site, plant that years crops and a final harvest day are open to the public along with weekly work days and community organics collection during the summer, internships, and garden crews for students.

The site also hosts school/camp trips where students can learn about plant parts through exploring our vegetables or about food webs and decomposition as they dig for decomposers in our compost bins. Or if your looking for community service for your group there is plenty to water, weed and chop. It’s a safe place for kids to get their hands dirty and get curious.



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