Van Cortlandt Lake and

Tibbetts Brook Biodiversity

There is clear evidence to show that changes in water quality are coupled with changes in the biological organization of aquatic communities. Unfortunately the diversity and distribution of most of the organisms associated with freshwater in urban habitats are largely unknown, such as here in NYC (Mcintyre 2000). The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park with the help of volunteers and school groups, hope to gain a better understanding of the invertebrate community living in Tibbetts Brook and Van Cortlandt Lake. In addition we will be using our water monitoring data to understand the drivers of aquatic macro-invertebrate abundance and species diversity.

Below is our updated list of benthic macroinvertebrates FVCP has identified in Tibbetts Brook.





















Contact Alex Byrne, Environmental Educator at if interested in data or opportunities to sample.

Suggested Reading

McIntyre, Nancy E. “Ecology of urban arthropods: a review and a call to action.” Annals of the Entomological Society of America 93.4 (2000): 825-835.