Understanding Gaps in the Forest

By Alex Byrne A part of the mission of the newly formed Van Cortlandt Park Alliance is to preserve and support the ecological value of Van Cortlandt Park. In this effort we value biodiversity, and the ecosystems that function to promote it. The world-class urban forests of VCP are still developing and require the management […] Read more »

Press Release: A New Day for Van Cortlandt Park

A New Day for Van Cortlandt Park Merger of Friends of Van Cortlandt Park and Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy to create single park stewardship organization New Beginnings Picnic to be held on June 11 to celebrate the Launch of Van Cortlandt Park Alliance in the Bronx For Immediate Release:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019 On the […] Read more »

Play Fair for NYC Parks

On Friday March 9th, the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park’s Executive Director testified along with over 50 other New Yorkers at the City Council Hearing on the Parks FY20 Budget to ask that the City increase the Parks’ funding by an additional $100 million.  Each year, the Friends and others attend this hearing to ask […] Read more »

For the Love of Swans?

Note from the ED: Sara Kempton, Director of the Programs for the Friends, is the biggest fan of swans on the Friends’ staff while the others are really not because of the ecological impact of these non-native birds.  Therefore, we decided that she should be the one to write a blogpost about the impact of […] Read more »

Press Release: VCHM Landscape Plan

For Immediate Release December 12th, 2018 Van Cortlandt House Museum Landscape Plan The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park (FVCP) and the Van Cortlandt House Museum (VCHM) are pleased to share with you the recently finalized “Van Cortlandt House Museum Landscape Plan”.  The Plan’s designs and presentation were created by Uziel Crescenzi, Friends of Van Cortlandt […] Read more »

Press Release: “White Supremacist” Flyers Found in VCP

For Immediate Release November 9th, 2018 “White Supremacist” Flyers Found in Van Cortlandt Park The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park (FVCP) condemns the “white supremacist” flyers found in the Woodlawn section of Van Cortlandt Park on Thursday November 8, 2018.  More than any other Park in New York City, Van Cortlandt Park serves as the […] Read more »

Most Wanted Invasive Plant Species in Our Natural Areas

Below are the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park ‘s 10 Most Wanted Invasive Plant Species in Van Cortlandt Park (in alphabetical order).  Learn more about the invasives species trying to take over our forests by clicking on each name to see their Wanted Poster.  Please note: there are plenty more invasives in the Park but […] Read more »

Completion of a New Entrance to VCP

For Immediate Release October 9th, 2018 Completion of a New Entrance at West 261st Street and the VCP Master Plan 2034 The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park (FVCP) is pleased to announce the completion of a new entrance into Van Cortlandt Park at West 261st Street and Broadway.  FVCP is indebted to Councilman Andrew Cohen […] Read more »

Restoring Canopy Gaps in Van Cortlandt Park

One of the intriguing questions of modern ecology is what set of principles dictate the structure of plant communities and what factors contribute to the heterogeneity of forest biodiversity. One mechanism in NYC forests are canopy gaps. A canopy is represented by the photosynthetic parts, the leaves, of the largest trees in a forest. A […] Read more »

8th Graders Become Advocates for Daylighting Tibbetts

This spring, the Friends’ staff had the pleasure of hosting 8th grade students in Van Cortlandt Park from Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Queens for two days for our “Wetland Stewardship for a Healthier Bronx” educational program which is funded by an Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Grant.  During their time with us in the […] Read more »